Delta 2012

It has a versatile design and it adapts to indoor work and home environments; it provides a high-quality response to growing environmental restrictions and to sustainable mobility.

Delta 2007
  • Year: 2007
  • Category:Outdoor Lighting (Iluminación Exterior)
  • Product: Kanpazar

Selection of the 2007 Delta Awards. The selection of the product that is considered most representative of the quality and diversity of design and industry today.


A Design Contest convened by ADI-FAD, the Association of Industrial Design (established in 1964). National and international companies and designers that distribute products in the Spanish market are invited to participate. The objective of this event is to promote public awareness of those products that stand out on account of their innovative character, the conceptual renewal that they introduce, the social response they generate, their environmental suitability as well as their actual design and manufacturing quality.

The Delta Awards were opened to international participants in 2007. The event is open to products that are designed and produced by designers and companies around the world, provided that their products are widely distributed in the Spanish market.

Since it came into existence, highly prestigious national and international companies and designers have participated in the Delta Awards. The Delta Awards have gradually opened up to international participation. For the first time ever, in the 32nd edition of the event, companies and designers from both Spain and overseas may participate. The only condition is that the products that are presented have to be distributed in the Spanish market.

To accommodate all kinds of items of industrial or manufacturing production, the Delta Awards are split into five categories that make it possible to assess in greater detail the role of design in the different productive sectors, as well as the impact of this discipline on lifestyles, technology culture, the use of public spaces, people’s consumer habits or the environment.