Circular Economy. RESEAT is a reused seat; it has been manufactured from seats picked up in the scrapyards where the so called end-of-life vehicles are collected. The seat has been removed from a car, it has been cleaned and sanitized and inserted onto a metal tube structure made of stainless steel, which is an easily recyclable material.

Reusing of discarded parts and elements that still maintain their operational behaviour is the first preferred option for waste management, as it saves as many resources as possible. RESEAT also removes significant amounts of waste from landfills, as this is the usual destination of the seats of end-of-life vehicles when they are crushed for recycling.

RESEAT is a comfortable, high-quality, easily recognizable seat, which keeps the movements of the original seat; it is specially designed for public spaces, reception rooms, bars, cafes, etc … It is available in versions for single seat and double seat .