• We are aware of the new social and technological trends; we recognise the opportunities that derive from them
  • Our goal is to design great products and services that solve users’ real problems and that the client wants to enjoy and pay for.
  • Our method is User-Centred Innovation: innovate from design. We obtain the insights needed to lead ideas toward major product and service innovations loaded with emotions and experiences for users
  • It serves to solve problems as a team and to humanise the entire innovation process, from the investigation phase to the manufacturing/implementation of the product/service.

User-Centred Design, supported by Design Thinking tools, is the method we use to foster Innovation and to resolve problems as a team, in a holistic, empathetic, visual and iterative way, in search of the solution that makes the greatest impact and is most in line with the real needs of the user. The key lies in reinterpreting user needs in the light of social and technological changes, in order to avoid the error of persevering in improving the quality of existing products well beyond the quality that the user perceives.

Since the products and services have become more focused on the user and their real needs and aspirations, Design, with its techniques for creating empathy in order to investigate human behaviour, has become vital for high-impact disruptive Innovation.

In this context, Ideilan has evolved its method in order to apply it to the Innovation process, making it human, placing the user at the centre of the whole process, providing insights, reinterpreting needs and aspirations, creating an emotional connection through the servitisation of the product to which we add memorable and transformative experiences that facilitate use and consumption.

USER-CENTRED INNOVATION is our value proposition.

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We also Network, because the knowledge we need is increasingly complex. When ergonomics says one thing, corporate culture says something else and clients seem to be saying quite the opposite, multidisciplinary teams can integrate the three disparate sets of tracks into an optimal solution. The key variable of competitiveness must be the user-centred-design process applied to a networking model that ensures specialists are involved in the different areas.

Our tools are empathy, collaboration, visual language, abductive and holistic thought, creativity, repetition, planning, experience and technical capacity.

The result is high-impact disruptive Innovation, able to reconfigure markets and to provide the company with its own space of consolidated competitiveness: innovation by design.

Our commitment to innovation through the user-centred design follows sustainable design and eco-design principles.

Our results make life easier for people through products and services that cause memorable experiences with organisations and brands