Ideilan possesses expert knowledge, both its own (professional team) and that of its network of specialised collaborators, in three areas of knowledge that we consider the source of new demands and opportunities: Internet of Things, Advanced Materials and Smart Cities

Internet of Things (IOT)

Smart objects, embedded connectivity or context based services enable a new form of object-user-object interaction; they will generate new ways of interacting with and through objects, thereby creating the need to redesign new functionalities, uses and recipients, in addition to providing new opportunities for manufacturing and marketing.

In actual fact, it means an opportunity to rethink the functionalities of objects, from the reinterpretation of the needs they serve (and that they could meet), adding to the product a service-interaction dimension that makes it “smart”, able to use useful information from other sources, while at the same time generating its own information that is useful for subsequent object-object or person-object interactions.

Data management opens the door to new relationship models that in turn imply new business models during the transition from selling a product to selling a service (servitisation).

This environment is the stage prior to a not-so-distant “robotised” future and it implies an area of more advanced opportunity for innovation by design.

Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials open the door to designs (redesigns) that are not viable with simple materials and that, among other things, require specific manufacturing processes.

Science is continually producing new materials with surprising properties such as graphene, nanostructured surfaces or silicone surfaces that adapt to aerodynamic conditions, not to mention the new and already well known players that are already being mass-produced such as composite materials (glass fibre, carbon fibre…), including the redefinition and improvement of material we have known for centuries: a diamond that is harder than diamond, steel that is stronger than steel… The results of these investigations will shortly become objects of everyday use, almost without our realising it, opening up new possibilities that we cannot even imagine at present.

As a result of its partnership with manufacturers and experts in new materials and processes, Ideilan is not limited to improving the yields of existing objects that admit new materials; we are also committed to a disruptive innovation approach through the design of radically new solutions for new and now identified needs or already existing and now reinterpreted ones, from the windows of opportunity that are being opened by the new revolutionary materials and their properties.

Smart Cities

Ideilan is committed to innovation in the sphere of Cities, to imbuing cities with intelligence and emotion by design. A user-centred design aimed at improving the quality of life of their inhabitants, improving their relationship with the objects that make up the city.

The Advanced City is the natural ecosystem for the implementation of solutions based on the Internet of Things and the use and development of composite materials. Based on the most global trends and fashion, Ideilan is committed to innovation by design of what is one’s own, transmitting an individual identity, a brand, a way of viewing life and a city that is unique and different, consistent with the individual culture of the citizens in each place.

Interaction between the transport fleet and the user, the design of mobility systems that are more sustainable from an environmental and social point of view, the relationship between travellers and the means of transport. The area of mobility and transport offers multiple possibilities to which Ideilan can contribute its experience and vision of innovation by design.

The transformation of traditional urban equipment is another issue to which Ideilan is committed: smart signalling, new designs aimed at encouraging interaction between a city’s inhabitants and its equipment, advanced materials that will enable new shapes and experiences in playgrounds…these are just a few examples of intelligent urban equipment designed from the needs of the user.