OFFER – Where?

Our goal is to design great products and services that solve users’ real problems and that the client wants to enjoy and pay for.

Ideilan priority sectors

  • Wearables and sport, home and home automation/robotics, dependency-health-safety, children, mobility, urban equipment, industrial cleaning/maintenance and others.
  • Areas that make it possible to value Design as a key added value variable.
  • Areas that do not clash with more industrial areas/profiles (engineering), rather they complement each other.
  • Servitisation goes hand in hand with product development (differentiation from consultancies).
  • Both B2C and B2B

Request further information about:

  • F5 Tourisme
  • iWALK
  • UMMG – Compact MODEM
  • kanpazar
  • PRV / PRV-H: System for charging electric vehicles, Solutions for residential applications.