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Our tools are empathy, collaboration, visual language, abductive and holistic thought, creativity, repetition, planning, experience and technical capacity

Always from a perspective of User-Centred Design and oriented to the entire value chain, from the early stages of technology transfer to the end-user experience; we work with two client profiles clearly differentiated by the relationship model and by their needs: from support with user insights to the I+D+i Ecosystem to innovation in product-service in an SME, both for incremental (yet still significant) innovations and disruptive ones (that are still viable in the market).

Ideilan works with the Company

Ideilan works with companies on innovation processes adapted to the new needs and opportunities, applying its User-Centred Innovation methodology to evolve the products by adding to them the service-interaction dimension that is already an inseparable part of them.

Based on its knowledge and the necessary tools, Ideilan places the user at the centre of the entire innovation process, creating during each phase the environments that are needed to achieve the goals, using a method that merges technical rigor through an holistic approach and a divergent perspective; all this in order to facilitate user-centred innovation, designed to endow the product with service/interaction design.
Ideilan works not only to design innovative products but also to design solid business projects based on innovative products. Always with the vision of designing the product-service system and the business model based on experience.

Ideilan works with the I+D+i Ecosystem

Ideilan offers the I+D+i Ecosystem design thinking intended to support and promote the entire process of industrial innovation by interpreting/reinterpreting users’ real needs.

By means of its User-Centred Innovation methodology, Ideilan contributes to a better overall understanding of the consumer, from whence the subsequent creative process generates an emotional connection resulting from the increased performance (functional and emotional) of the product/service as far as the end user is concerned.

Ideilan provides insights, emotions and experiences throughout the I+D+i value chain: user-centred design thinking to support and stimulate disruptive innovation in Basque industry. When we rethink the needs we rethink the solutions.

Ideilan also offers its knowledge and experience in design thinking to sensitize, train and develop innovation teams in the I+D+i ecosystem and the companies, industries and sectoral associations of the Basque industry.